Speculative Single Family with Energy Efficiency Features and “Green Bling”

Sunday, November 18th, 2007


1314 N. Moorman, Chicago, IL 60622  Map

1314 N. Moorman

1314 N. Moorman

House Plant, Inc.

Norsman Architects

1314 N. Moorman is a 2,600 sf (3,600 sf with basement) speculative single family home with many basic energy efficiency features and a bit of ‘green bling’. Although it is certainly in the class of high-end spec homes, with 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths it isn’t nearly as large as some of the custom homes we see. This is another example of an owner of new development using green as a way to differentiate their product – I love that their company name works as a triple entendre.

The home uses frame construction with mostly FSC-certified wood materials and soy-based spray foam insulation. High-efficiency mechanicals and triple-pane windows round out the energy efficiency approach – with these features and good detailing, the project could like qualify for an Energy Star certification, but currently it isn’t seeking such. There’s also a fair amount of water management, with all of the easy-to include features adding up to a fairly comprehensive approach: low-flow fixtures, rainwater cisterns, and a rain garden. Green bling comes in the form of a habitable green roof.

The project is seeking Chicago Green Homes certification. Other project team members include Stedl Construction and Louis Shell Structures.

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