Multi-Unit Residential Building Converted to Green Single Family: Cleveland Residence

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

2013 N. Cleveland, Chicago, IL 60614  Map

Private Residence

Elements Architectural Group
William Scholtens, Design Principal

2013 N. Cleveland

2013 N. Cleveland

The Cleveland Residence is a deconversion of an existing 5 dwelling unit building and coach house, both dating to 1876, into a single family home. Similar to the Orchard Residence, this is a luxury project that can afford some very sophisticated features, but is also fairly large (6,500 sf). Although we take some heat for covering these large projects, this one has two green elements working in its favor – it’s an existing building, and it’s on a double lot and is preserving a fair amount of open space. These projects also provide an opportunity for architects and engineers to experiment with new technologies that can’t be applied on most market-rate homes.

The open side yard provides space for geothermal wells and stormwater management. A cistern underneath a newly-built garage will collect rainwater from the roofs for irrigation, while reclaimed pavers will be installed with spacing to allow rainwater that strikes the ground to infiltrate into the soil. Finally, domestic hot water is heated by rooftop solar panels.

Design is currently nearing completion – other project team members include MEP engineer Building Engineering Systems, energy consultant Informed Energy Decisions, envelope consultant Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger, roofing consultant Building Technology Associates, and structural engineer The Structural Shop.

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