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Photo Courtesy of Nathan Kipnis Architects

Photo Courtesy of Kipnis Architecture + Planning

Architect: Nathan Kipnis Architects

Developer: Scott Simpson Builders

Location: 370 Washington, Glencoe, IL 60022

By Kate Yoshida

In December, 2011, a LEED Platinum residential certification was awarded to Barry and Natalie Slotnick, owners of 370 Washington Avenue in Glencoe.  This is the highest level attainable with the USGBC program.  It is the second new construction home to achieve the elite LEED Platinum certification in the State of Illinois, and the first on the North Shore.

The Washington Avenue home was designed by Nathan Kipnis, AIA of Kipnis Architecture + Planning of Evanston and built by Scott Simpson Builders of Northbrook. Owners Barry and Natalie Slotnick moved into the house in April of 2011 with their two young children.

Architect Kipnis states, “The house was built for 40% of the cost of the first LEED Platinum home in Illinois and in a style that appeals to a much wider cross section of the public. While these homes can be thought of as pioneering efforts, if the goal is to engage the public then the design should be contextual to neighborhood and not be aesthetically shocking.  The Slotnick’s home is a perfect example of this.”

The Slotnicks are most proud that their high-performance home “looks like it’s been there for a hundred years,” explains Barry Slotnick.

Commenting on the design process, Kipnis adds, “This is a great example of integrating appropriate, passive elements expressed in the architecture.  These techniques were commonly used a century and more ago- it’s how homes used to have to be built.”

Living in this exceptional home is not too different than any other home, reports Barry.  “Our goal was not to have a science experiment, not to have it be intimidating.  There are no “master controls” and the house is relatively easy to manage, even with a separate solar thermal thermostat.”

Natalie loves the home because it is warm in the winter and maintains its heat.  “During one of the coldest days in winter, the heat went off for a day and we didn’t even notice.  The coolest it got was 69 degrees.  This home is nearly 70% more efficient than other homes because of the insulation.  Our previous home was cold and drafty.  I feel the insulation every day.”

Update to:http://www.greenbeanchicago.com/glencoe-green-home-strives-leed-homes-gold-certification/

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